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Call Reporting

  What Call Logging does?
  Monitor and log each and every telephone call to or from your business with a market leading call logging package.The overall financial benefits of a call management system go way beyond the obvious. It not just about identifying people who rack up high phone bills, or people who dial those expensive 0898 numbers that should be barred on your telephone system anyway! In a business environment where you have a high number of incoming calls, the ability to closely monitor things like percentage of staff time on the phone, or waiting time, call cost or calls lost, allows you to make decisions about staff numbers and levels of resource required.
  Reasons for using a call logger?       

Your telephone system will normally output a call logging record every time someone makes, receives or transfers a call within your organisation. Using your call logger, you can collect and use this information to glean invaluable management information. 

Using today's web technology, you can have this up-to-the-second call information displayed on a plasma screen or indeed any monitor. Good call management products will allow you to create unlimited live screens and customise each according to the specific requirements of individual teams, site or users so that you have full visibility of all call activity at all times. 
You don't even have to be in the office to see this valuable information, you should be able to log onto these live screens from your PDA or the ubiquitous Blackberry - all you need is web access!

Of course you can still schedule reports to be delivered by e-mail, file or even paper!  This information will help you effectively manage not just your telecommunications but also provide a valuable blueprint of activity throughout your organisation. 

  Do you have enough telephone lines?      
  You will be able to determine how many lines are being used concurrently for your whole organisation, for a particular site or even on a particular team.  This means that not only do you not pay for unused lines but you can relax knowing that your callers are not getting the dreaded engaged tone.  If this is a critical area for your organisation, why not trigger an alarm once particular thresholds are met e.g. all lines in use.       
  Are you paying too much for your telephone calls?      
  Our Call Geography report will not only show you where you call but also show the duration and cost.  This helps enormously when you need to decide on the most effective route for calls e.g. is it better to go for a better price per minute or call capping on calls to mobiles.  In fact you could schedule this report to be sent to your system maintainer quarterly to ensure that your tariff package remains cost-effective.      
  Identify busy days/times      
  Instead of guessing what your call patterns are, why not run a daily or hourly activity report and see for yourself what is really happening.  Are you losing calls early in the morning or just after you close because your staffing hours are wrong?      
  How quickly and effectively are your staff answering calls?      
  Do you know which teams/people pick up calls immediately or who's letting calls just ring and ring?  D
o you know if any particular team member is letting the others down by not answering their fair share of calls or passing calls over to another team member rather than dealing with the call themselves?
  All-in-one simple solution      
  Don't bother with upgrades and add-ons if you expand your phone system - make sure you get all features as standard.  These include logging of inbound, outbound, lost, transferred calls,  billing, line utilisation, alarms, display boards, live call view, tariff editors, unlimited concurrent access, frequent numbers and target response.  You will also need to be able to view all reports on an ad-hoc basis as well as run scheduled reports.      

Call Loggin must haves

  Web interface    
  No serious call logging system today should be without the ability to report on your call information through a web browser.    
  No extra client software    
  Don't let the call logger violate your network security policie
s, or allow dubious third-party client software to clutter your desktop machines. The call logger's reports should be accessible through a standard web browser with no client software whatsoever.
  Ability to upgrade from one version to another    
  Companies grow and expand so what suits your organisation today, may not suit tomorrow. You should be able to upgrade from one version to another by simply paying the difference in cost so you don't get penalised for being successful.    
  Easy access to information    
  There is no point in logging calls if you can't easy access the call information. At a minimum, you should be able to view from your desktop, have scheduled reports e-mailed or printed and live information for relevant teams displayed on live screens.    
  No hidden charges    
  Sometimes the software sounds cheap but then you discover that you have to pay additional charges to monitor more sites, to allow more users to access reports or to allow you to display your information on a wallboard.    
  Web reporting interface    
  Because authorised users can now access reports from anywhere using any standard web browser, it's easy to run reports on demand, send them as e-mail attachments to interested parties, or print them for inclusion in wider research.    
  Call logging products    

All the below call loggers have a few features in common. They all log all data output by your telephone system and allow you to report on all of this data using intuitive pre-defined reports as well as custom reports where you can easily select your own reporting criteria. All TIM call loggers include a built-in native web server straight out of the box so no external software is required.  All can be accessed remotely via any standard web browser without the need for client software.

  tim enterprise    
  Award-winning call logger for big business, with a robust SQL back-end for high-volume call processing, an unlimited-depth hierarchy and the ability to integrate with your own back office processes and applications.

Download :
Tri-ine TIM Enterprise Call Logging Brochure
  tim plus    
  Feature-rich call logging and statistics package, ideal for SMEs with up to five telephone systems.  Runs as a Windows Service and is completely administered using just a standard web browser.

Download :
Tri-Line TIM Plus Call Logging Brochure
  tim professional    
  Market-leading entry-level call logging application, ideal for single sites, and up to 300 extensions.  One great low price for all sizes.

Download :
Tri-Line TIM Professional Call Logging Brochure
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