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Call Recording & Call Logging
  SBC has extensive knowledge and have many years experience in theCall Recording latest telephone system compatible Call Recording software available. SBC offer a unique call recording proposition combining an award-winning call logging platform with cutting-edge hardware that passively intercepts your phone lines, monitoring and recording all calls to and from your organisation. It does not matter whether you have analogue lines, ISDN2, ISDN30 or SIP. The real beauty of our solution is the complete integration between our call logging and the recorder. Unlike many other call recorders, you can easily retrieve and listen to any call in seconds from any web-browser with no requirement for additional client software at the client PC.  In fact any authorised user can retrieve a single call or series of calls in seconds for immediate playback.    
Call Recording Benefits
      Improve staff performance      
        Instead of telling staff how you want calls handled, play an example of a call that was handled well.  Additionally, allow staff to listen to their own calls so they can hear for themselves when they are failing to deliver clear, concise information.      
      Resolve disputes simply and easily      
        Retrieve the recording to prove what was actually said or not said!      
      Clarify misunderstanding      
        Play back a telephone call at the touch of a button to clarify any misunderstanding that may have arisen or to simply retrieve the phone number and contact you scribbled down wrong the first time you took the call!      
      Protect staff against abuse      
Protect your staff from abusive or threatening behavior by informing all callers that calls will be recorded.      
      Raise standards      
        When staff know their calls are being recorded, they are unlikely to provide a sloppy or off-hand service, this means happier clients.      
      Check first      
        If an odd call appears on your call logging report, e.g. a long overseas call, you can listen to it and check its legitimate before taking your employee to task over why it was made.      
Call Recording with a difference
      Stereo recording      
        After finding the recording of an alleged dispute, if all you can hear is two irate people shouting over the top of one another, then you need stereo recording!  It stores each party of the call separately so you can silence one side at a time - effectively allowing each side to say their piece without interruption!      
      Easy retrieval of calls by user      
        As any serious user of call recording will testify, the ability to find calls using the individual user as a search term, rather than being limited by just the usual details of a call - such as dialled number and the approximate time it happened - is one of the most powerful features a call recording system can offer.      
      Passive and active recording      
        Our magic boxes offer passive as well as active recording, giving the peace of mind of a high-impedance wire tap that won't interrupt your phone lines in the event of a hardware failure.      
      Track the call in it's entirety      
        If a call under scrutiny is transferred on to someone else, it's easy to follow it... simply click on the 'View related recordings' link to continue to listen to the next part.      
      View a call audit      
        Authorised users have the ability to view who's already listened to a call, and when.      
      Add notes      
        As well as listening to calls, you can quickly add notes to it, either to summarise the call or to remind yourself of a certain part of it.  Now, after adding a note, whenever you see the call, it'll stand out from the rest, having a small yellow posted note icon next to it.      
      Flexible access      
        Don't restrict access to the recording to a favoured few.  Allow everyone access to their own calls.  We often find that what we said differs vastly from what we think we said - allow users to train themselves by hearing their own calls!  And allow their managers to retrieve these calls from any location via a standard web-browser.  With no limits to the amount of users that can access calls and simple restrictions to limit access to specific areas - TIM Talk is the ideal training tool!      
      Secure access      
        Access is restricted by username and password and can be further restricted to specific IP addresses.  This means that although access is easy for authorised users, it becomes impossible for those without authorisation.      
        You may just want to record the calls for training purposes but all calls are encrypted as standard so you can relax knowing that they can be used in a court of law if necessary.      
      FSA Requirements      
        You may be obliged to record calls.  Make it worth your while by installing a call recorder you can actually use.  One that provides much more than another tick on a list of pre-requisites that you are obliged to meet!      
      Cost effective      
        Traditionally call recording has been prohibitively expensive, a nice to have feature but very expensive and difficult to cost justify.      
      In-built alerts      
        Alerts can be set to advise when particular calls are made.      
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