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Virtual Numbers

    What are Virtual Numbers?
Virtual Numbers are telephone numbers that are not physical fixed landlines. From just £4.95 per month (ex vat) SBC can help your business look and sound like a big business. Simply choose the numbers you require for your business, wherever you are located.
Choose the numbers you want for your
business, wherever you are located

    What do you need?
You simply need the ability to handle incoming phone calls, with a suitable destination number – either a fixed geographic line or a mobile phone.
    How do you get it?
Contact SBC who will help you choose the type of virtual telephone number and routing plan that’s best for you. We’ll then process the paperwork and the new service should be up and running within five working days.
    How will SBC support you?
SBC has been providing expert cloud based telephone number advice for many years, so you can be confident that we can help you control how, where and when you deal with incoming calls. To compliment our numbers, we offer a wide range of fully scalable and fully managed virtual call services, which provide telephone system functionality when activated. 
    What should you do now?
For full details of Virtual Numbers and to order the service for your business, talk to your SBC account Manager today.
    SBC provide virtual area code numbers for most towns and cities within the UK, with a massive database of number for you to choose from. These numbers allow you to have a presence in any UK location without the need for an office or landline location. The caller pays a normal local or national call charge. Inbound call charges apply to calls received. Calls diverted to landline are charged at 1p/min and calls to mobile are charged at 8p/min

All of our virtual telephone numbers include call management options and real-time data call analysis to quickly and easily improve the way in which your inbound calls are managed, with zero capital expenditure.
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0800 Virtual Telephone Number

These are freephone numbers, with no cost to the caller however, mobile operators generally apply a charge. You simply pay a fixed price per minute for each call you receive. As it’s free for the caller, it’s very effective at encouraging customers to respond to your advertising.

0845 Local Virtual Telephone Number

This represents a local rate number, which costs the caller the same as a local rate phone call; typically 3p – 4p a minute. Knowing they’ll only pay the local rate encourages callers to phone you, whether it’s for information, service or sales.

0843 / 0844 Lo-Call Virtual Telephone Number

These number ranges are by far the most popular in the UK today and are charged to the caller at a rate of between 1 and 5 pence per minute, with 5 pence ranges being more commonly used. Revenue share is payable on incoming call traffic.

0871 Virtual Telephone Number

This is also a national rate number, which can be charged at up to 10p a minute, giving you the ability to generate more income. In the same way as 0870 numbers you will receive a rebate for every call you receive. In the case of 0871 the cost to the dialling party is slightly higher, meaning the revenue share paid to you is also increased. You can have any number of Non Geographic Numbers on one phone line – useful, for example if you’ve run the same advertisement in different publications with different Non Geographic Numbers, and want to measure the response per publication.

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